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Lay In Ceilings

Why Do You Need an Acoustical Ceiling?

Acoustical ceilings are oftentimes referred to as lay in ceilings because they are laid in multiple grids formed by a metal frame. Lay in ceilings are the most economical ceiling solutions for businesses and offices.

The Pros of Getting a Lay In Ceiling

  • Adjustable: The metal grids that create the ceiling structure are adjustable. This allows you to level out any unevenness in your ceiling with ease.
  • Accessibility: Lay in ceilings cover up pipes and electrical wiring while allowing for easy access to them. Acoustical ceilings consist of multiple lay in ceiling tiles that are easily removable. Just lift a panel or two and you can access your pipes and wires in no time.
  • Durable: Acoustical ceiling tiles are extremely durable and can be fire and water resistant with certain products. They are inexpensive and are easily replaceable if one gets damaged.
  • Economical: Acoustical ceilings require minimum construction and are made out of materials that are more affordable than drywall. This makes them the most efficient and cost-effective ceiling solution.
  • Sound Control: Lay in ceilings consist of fibrous acoustical panels that absorb echoes and residual noise.

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